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Seeking Help

Woman in despair

Take a big sigh of relief.

You have landed at the right place.  We are here to offer hope and support on your journey by partnering you with a personal Advocate. These accessible, affordable virtual sessions will focus on your well-being.

We are non-judgmental, supportive, and will encourage you to a better, more positive tomorrow.

Help is just a click away:

  1. Click on the button below. Provide your name and contact information, and you will receive an email from within 24 hours. If you don't see the email within 48 hours, check your "Spam" folder. 

  2. We will gather the information we need to pair you with a personal Advocate.

  3. Your new personal Advocate will reach out to arrange your Virtual Sessions (via Zoom or cell).

Here's what your journey will look like:

  • Your Mental Health Advocate is passionate about your well-being.

  • Your Advocate's desire is to help you discover the person within.

  • Their commitment is to partner with you virtually, offering a non-judgmental and safe environment, guiding your journey to better mental wellness.

  • Most importantly, this is hard work, but your commitment determines your outcome!



All Hands In

"I was extremely pleased with my Advocate’s knowledge and guidance in helping me navigate through a changing life issue. Our phone sessions were like talking to a trusted friend, one who also challenged me to think through tough questions that helped me move forward.  I would highly recommend the well watered soul."


"the well watered soul helped me discover that I had undiagnosed and untreated Adult ADD. My anger has been something I have dealt with most of my life. Thanks to my advocate, she helped me schedule a psychiatric evaluation and I am now under ADD treatment. I highly recommend this company. "


"The well watered soul is here to help. The journey is hard work, challenging at times, but I never quit. Today, I am living the life I have only dreamed of. Dreams do come true, they can start with the well watered soul." 


"The well watered soul helped me get to the root of my problems with depression, abuse, and abandonment." 


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