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Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Advisor with client

Are you a trained mental health professional or a minister trained in Pastoral counseling seeking an opportunity to give back to the community? We are looking for compassionate Mental Health Advocates to join the well watered soul on a part-time basis.

If your work circumstances have changed due to a family situation, you are bi-vocational, or retired, and you have 2 hours or more a week to offer, we are looking for you. You can select your own hours, choose your specialty, and work as many hours as feasible from any location. If you are interested, connect with us here.


Combined experiences and milestones of our Advocates:

  • Over 120 years of combined Pastoral Counseling and Grief Experience

  • Over 50 years of working with addictions, poor lifestyle choices, and recovery

  • Over 40 years of Hospice Chaplain Experience 

  • 25 years of Suicide and Crisis Intervention

  • Over 100 years of experience listening to clients express their challenges with stress, depression, anxiety, fear, grief, family issues, marriage, and relationship issues. 

Jara Clark

Bachelors in Psychology, Lifestyle and Holistic Wellness Coach, Strength & Conditioning Instructor, Business owner and Author

Stephen Hedges

Certified Life Coach, CLC, owner of ARK, coaching recovery from addiction

Debbie Ott

Certified Mental Health and Life Coach, MHC, CLC,  and CEO of the well watered soul, inc.

Angella Allison Davis

Social Worker, Certified Pastoral Counseling, Board Certified Chaplain, Certified QPR, REVIVE, SAFE-TALK (suicide) trainer, Suicide and Crisis Intervention, and Pre-teen, Teen, and Adult Counseling 

Rev. Rachele Holmes

Ordained Minister, MDIV, 10 years Hospice Chaplain, Pastoral counseling experience, Grief Counseling, and Teen Counseling​

Rev. Greg Ott

Ordained Minister, MDIV, 25 years Pastoral counseling experience​

Rev. Sarada Galindo

Ordained Minister, MDIV, Hospice Chaplain, Grief Counseling, Pastoral counseling experience​

Rev. Johna Mansuetto

Ordained Minister, MDIV, LSW, At-risk Youth, Crisis Intervention, Individual and Couples Counseling, those incarcerated and working through release​

Jalen Patrick

Bachelors in Psychology, Honors Graduate, Norfolk State University. Welcomes all life experiences.​

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